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A Grain Free Doggy Diet? What is it?

When you go into a pet shop, you are usually confronted with varieties of different foods on the walls.

It can be daunting to choose what is best for your pet, or what you think you should be feeding your pet. There is not one diet that is suitable for everyone.

This article is mainly aimed at discussing grain free diets and why they may benefit your pet. That is not to say that every cat or dog should be on a grain free diet, but we just want to explain why it is there as an option for you.

A lot of people change their pets' diets either due to medical reasons or becuse they feel it is a more natural diet for their pet. Cats and dogs with chronic health issues such as skin/ear conditions, or intermittent or persistent bouts of vomitting or diarrhoea may be down to dietery intolerances. There is a long list of conditions and other causes for these symptoms so we would always recommend discussing with a qualified person, we have qualified vets happy to discuss whether our diets are right for you.

Grain free diets do seem to have become very popular recently. A lot of people think that grain free is a more natural diet associated with their carniverous ancestors. Although traditionally meat eaters that would'nt eat much in the way of grain, cats and dogs have developed the ability to metabolise grains and carbohydrates. Therefore feeding your pet rice or maize is not wrong, and they will certainly be able to digest and use those foods.

The benefit of the Grain Free diet at LetzPet is that they are nice and simple.

This means that by starting on a grain free diet, it can rule out grain and gluten intolerances. We also have different meat varieties if your pet is allergic to a particular food group such as chicken or fish. There are varieties for all age groups so that you can be happy in the knowledge your pet is getting everything they need no matter how old.

So to summarise, is grain free suitable for your pet? In short, yes! Our grain free range is suitable for any dog or cat, and the high meat content of our range makes it really tasty for your pet!

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