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10 Hilarious Questions Dog Owners Ask Google

We’ve all been in a situation where we want to know the answer to a question, but think it sounds a little stupid. Luckily whenever we want to seem a little smarter we have Google, which doesn’t judge us and answers the questions in a matter of seconds!

This feeling of anonymity means people ask some truly weird and wonderful questions to Google - particularly when it comes to difficult questions about their dogs. Check out these 10 hilarious questions dog owners have asked Google in the infographic below!

1. What do dogs dream about? (5,400 av. monthly searches)

  • Imagine the strangest dream you’ve ever had, add some cats, rabbits and sticks and you’ve probably got a rough idea….

2. Why does my dog stare at me? (4,400 av. monthly searches)

  • If you saw a giant hairless creature speaking a weird language and walking on only two legs wouldn’t you stare?

3. Does my dog love me? (2,900 av. monthly searches)

  • Did Rex forget your birthday?

4. Where do dogs come from? (1,900 av. monthly searches)

  • It’s the ‘birds and the bees’ time for lucky parents somewhere. “When two dogs love each other very much…..

5. Can dogs eat houmous? (1,000 av. monthly searches)

  • Modern dogs are starting to develop some seriously middle class habits. Pass the quinoa, Fido.

6. Do dogs get bored? (880 av. monthly searches)

  • It really depends how long you spend typing pointless questions into Google rather than playing fetch.

7. Where is my dog? (720 av. monthly searches)

  • Google maps is good, but not that good. Probably best to look out of the window first.

8. Are dogs racist? (390 av. monthly searches)

  • This question debunks the myth that there’s no such thing a stupid question. However, it does lead to an even better question - how do racist dogs feel about dalmatians?

9. Does my dog know I’m pregnant? (210 av. monthly searches)

  • No, don’t worry - Pooch just thinks you’re fat!

10. Do dogs need glasses? (70 av. monthly searches)

  • This might be a valid question if it was your first visit to planet Earth. I guess there could be 70 alien visitors typing this in a month, otherwise this is a bit scary!

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