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Soft Stool - A sensitive subject?

This Sunday we are continuing our pet health campaign at the Furry Scurry in conjunction with the Inn on the Coast, Portrush. There will be a pet health survey on pet cancer and we will be on hand to discuss how to connect with LetzPet should you have any questions regarding the health of your pet.

This week we want to continue discussing topical issues for our pets and in particular soft stools. This might not be a classy subject but certainly one that we all have had a problem with.

Everyone from the experienced pet owner, to those fresh faced puppy parents out there, we all know that as soon as we welcome another friendly furry face to our family, the topic of conversation inevitably leads to their daily motions. It may be a bit of a taboo subject to bring up the fact your pup is having diarrhoea during the family dinner table but the fact that Fluffy is having some horrible green runny poo just this afternoon really needs addressed.

But what type of stool is normal? And what is something to worry about or change. If your pet has diarrhoea or soft stool, even if it is just every so often, there is potentially something you can do to help. Consider the way you would react to any worry you have about your pet. We would recommend to get them thoroughly checked over by your local vet, there may be a simple fix. They will likely ask questions such as are you up to date with wormers, have they eaten anything they shouldn’t have recently and how long has it being going on for. The stool consistency should be something you should be able to pick up easily (sounds horrible right?) but even if it just occasionally runny every few weeks, this isn’t “normal” and we should be seeking out advice and potential reasons for this.

Diet plays a major role in so many aspects of our pets’ lives.

We all know that local Labrador with the iron stomach, which hoovers up everything that makes contact with the ground for longer than two seconds. In reality a lot of dogs have quite sensitive gastrointestinal systems. Here at LetzPet we realise that each animal is an individual, like humans, they can have allergies and intolerances to different things where other pets may not have the same problem. With this in mind, it makes sense that unfortunately there is not one diet that will cater for every animal out there. Some may be sensitive to beef or chicken, others may be allergic to one of the many additives found in some common brands, and more may be intolerant to grains such as rice/wheat/barley.

At LetzPet we have developed diets with simple recipes, with no artificial additives, that are easily digestible for those sensitive stomachs. Sensitivity to grain is becoming increasingly recognised in our pets, and therefore we have developed a grain free range to cater for all age groups. We also have novel protein and carbohydrate sources such as salmon, duck and sweet potato so that we can cater for those sensitive to chicken, beef etc. We don’t promise that this will cure all, but we believe that our simple complete diets will help keep your pet healthy and happy and maybe improve the topics of discussion around the dinner table!

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