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Puppy Food

Natural - Healthy - Designed for Puppies

LetzPet puppy food can help keep your puppy happy and healthy. Developed by vets to suit the nutritional needs of puppies.

How is Puppy Food Different from Other Dog Foods?

Puppies grow much faster than adult dogs, requiring more protein and calcium to aid in the growing process. Letzpet puppy food contains much higher levels of protein than regular dog food which contains amino acids to aid with the development phase and aid with bone and cartilage development.


Puppies also require a higher-calorie diet than adult dogs due to puppies losing more heat early in life as well as calories needed for growth, which is why our puppy food formula is packed with calories.


At Letzpet our puppy food is formulated for the ages between 2 - 18 months, the most important phase of their development. We always use naturally proteins such as turkey and chicken, using a single source to make them more digestible.


Puppies can also be fussy eaters, which is why Letzpet grain free puppy food is highly palatable - we’re sure your puppy will love the taste!


The Letzpet dry puppy food formula has been created by veterinarians to help boost their energy levels in early life. Puppies can develop digestive problems which is why the range is also hypoallergenic, meaning it doesn’t include grains that can cause allergic reactions.

Grain Free Puppy Food Recommended by Vets

A puppy’s diet is extremely important due to the added nutrients required through the juvenile stage to aid development.


Letzpet was created by vets that deal with puppy health issues everyday. That’s why our grain free puppy food includes antioxidants to improve the immune system, nutrients to lead to controlled growth through the juvenile stage and probiotics to improve digestive health.


Our natural puppy food means there are no additives such as artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Buy Puppy Food NI

Letzpet offers a high quality puppy food for your new puppy which will help give your puppy a great start to life.


We are based in Northern Ireland but supply the whole of Ireland as well as shipping to the UK.


Our formula has been created by vets to keep your puppy happy and healthy. We believe it is the best puppy food available.

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