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About Letzpet

Letzpet has been formulated by experienced veterinarians in Northern Ireland.

Through our work we know what keeps puppies and dogs happy and healthy. We wanted to create a dog food which reflected our passion for canine health, which is where Letzpet was born.

The initial grain-free adult dog food range has expanded to include specialist formulas for puppies and senior dogs.

The founder of Letzpet is Edwin Taylor, based in Coleraine Northern Ireland. Ed has dedicated his life to animal care through his work as a farmer, a vet and now with the founding of Letzpet.

Ed said of how Letzpet started:

“As a vet working in Northern Ireland I sadly came across many dogs with allergies, poor growth and other nutrition-related problems.”

“This led to the founding of Letzpet and the unique formulas we use to make sure puppies and dogs get the balanced diet they require.”

Meet Winston (The Boss!)

Winston is our adorable puppy who brings us fun and laughter every day.

The most important of the Letzpet team, Winston can always be relied upon for licks and cuddles that reminds us why we created Letzpet in the first place.

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