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Hypoallergenic - Added omega 3 - Novel Protein

LetzPet Grain Free dog food is an easily digestible hypoallergenic dry food with added omega 3 and novel proteins.

Grain Free Dog Food Recommended by Vets 

Simply put, grain free dog food excludes grains from the ingredient list, which has multiple benefits. Some grains such as wheat, rye, rice, barley, oats or maize can cause allergic reactions in some dogs - leading to discomfort and rashes.


Some dog owners choose to pre-empt allergic reactions in their dogs by opting for grain-free dog food from the start.


Despite this change in ingredients, the dog food is still very tasty for your four-legged-friend. We use quality ingredients such as fish, sweet potato, duck and vegetables such as peas and asparagus.


This balance of ingredients means your dog gets a fantastic balance of protein and carbohydrate to keep them happy and healthy, as well as give them the energy they need for their daily walkies!


In addition, we include linseed in our dry grain free dog food recipe, which includes omega fatty acids, which help keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny. So even if your dog does not have an allergy and you are just looking for a high quality food for your pet LetzPet Grain Free Dog Food could be for you. 

Does your Dog Have a Food Allergy? Try LetzPet Hypoallergenic Dog Food NI

Hypoallergenic dog food diets are usually recommended by veterinarians for dogs experiencing allergic reactions as well as gastrointestinal issues caused by food intake. 


Letzpet is formulated by qualified vets to create the perfect dog food for avoiding these issues. Allergic reactions occur when dog antibodies mistakenly interpret proteins as antigens.


Letzpet dog food avoids these issues by adding novel protein sources, which are proteins that a dog or its ancestors have likely never been exposed to such as duck, salmon and trout. 


Of course, dogs can still become allergic to proteins included in our dog food, but is far less likely due to the likelihood of previous exposure.

Buy Grain Free Dog Food NI

Letzpet offer a range of grain free, hypo allergenic and gastrointestinal dog food suitable for dogs of all ages, with special formulas for puppies, small breed dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs who may develop allergies with age.


We are based in Northern Ireland but supply the whole of Ireland as well as shipping to the UK.


Our formula has been created by vets to keep your dogs happy and healthy. We believe it is the best grain free dog food available.

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