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January Blues and Pet Obesity?

So how do we summarise Obesity?

There are many influences to take into consideration when trying to manage the weight of our pets.

Direct discussion with a professional would always be our initial advice whether that is with our own professionals or one you are already connected with and trust.

However, the three important things to consider which are within your control are:

1) What you are feeding your pet?

2) How much do you feed your pet?

3) How much exercise are they getting or do they need?

Here at Letzpet, we don't have any control over how much you give or how much exercise your pet gets all we can do is advise and try to help you through discussion.

However, we can guarantee a high quality diet for your dog which will provide:

- A healthy lifestyle.

- A fresh, natural diet and with a full nutrient and vitamin intake.

- Easy digestion.

...with the professional advice to accompany it should you seek assisstance!

Are there any issues close to your heart or which you would like to hear more about?

if so please just let us know by emailing

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