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Nutrition and Cancer - essential nutrients!

Nutrition plays a vital role in our pets lives. There are certainly many conditions related to improper diets and or incorrect feeding regimes with our pets. This can lead to developmental conditions in our growing puppies and kittens, or lead to certain health conditions such as diabetes, obesity and osteoarthritis in our more adult pets. Although there are no direct relations between your pet’s diet and different cancers in our pets, the diet we feed them can certainly play a huge role in our animals’ ability to fight these conditions.

Typically animals with any severe illnesses including various cancers will lose weight mainly due to a couple of factors, reduced food intake and the potential metabolic effects of the condition. This is where some mainstream pet foods lack the quality or the palatability to ensure your pet is reaching their daily requirement. Yes, a fit and healthy pet will probably eat anything you put in front of them. But when they become seriously unwell, they will look to just eat those fried sausages or buttered toast and turn their nose up at their regular dog food. It results in them not getting essential nutrients for basic body functions and can have drastic implications on their immune systems’ ability to combat infection and illness. LetzPet has formulated diets that contain all the essential nutrients required to maintain bodily functions and the body’s immune system packed into a tasty kibble, helping your pet focus on fighting and beating their illness.

Are you concerned about any of these issues? Do you have any further questions? Just drop us a message and we can chat further! watch out for our further articles in our pet health campaign 2017!

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