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Obesity - Quality, Quantity, Exercise.

Overweight and obese animals are becoming an increasing issue.

It is a nutritional disease and for the most part can be both avoidable and reversible. Resulting mainly from either excessive intake or reduced activity, there is only a very small proportion that is actually medically related.

It is a topic which a lot of people will try and avoid, or ignore.

In reality obesity in our pets can have quite astounding consequences, not only on their physical health but also mentally. It can be remarkable the difference in your pets energy levels and general demeanour once they transition from being obese to being a healthy weight. Being overweight puts additional pressure through the joints which can result in early onset arthritis and or worsen the effects on already inflammed joints.

Many pets out there are on long term medications to help cope with arthritis when simply losing weight could have a similar effect. Obesity also puts extra pressure on the body's internal organs, increasing stress on the body, triggering conditions such as pancreatitis, gastro intestinal upsets and skin issues.

Cats are prone to conditions such as urinary issues and diabetes which can be directly influenced by their weight.

By having your pet at the ideal weight, you can significantly reduce the risk of diseases and improve their overall quality of life.

Follow our obesity series here @ over the next few months and remember: we are always on hand to answer any of your questions.

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