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Ailing Allergies And My Doggy!

Cats and dogs can have allergies just like humans. This can cause a wide range of health issues creating a huge headache for both our pets and owners alike. Pets with allergies typically show signs of itchiness around the eyes, ears, tailbase and paws. Reccurrent skin and ear infections, dry and scabby skin. It can also result in intermittent or persistent episodes of vomiting and diarrhoea or soft stool. We take our poorly pets to the vet, and because allergies are very complex and difficult to control we can end up going back and forth, even to different practices not getting the “quick-fix” that we are looking for. Now here at LetzPet we realise there is no specific medical cure but we do have the knowledge, expertise and resources to help reduce the issues that your pet is trying to deal with. We are becoming increasingly aware that diet plays a significant and vital role not only with the growth and development of our pets but also the health and happiness of our furry members of the family.

So what is your pet allergic too? Chicken? Grass pollen? Dust mites? Daisies? The list is endless, and this is why allergic conditions are so complex and difficult to manage. There are tests you can do to identify specific allergens your pet may be allergic too. Common causes however can be found within the diet and this is where LetzPet can help you. A lot of complete food diets out there contain additives or poor quality protein/carbohydrate sources that contribute to gut sensitivities. LetzPet focuses on providing simple recipes, containing high quality ingredients from single source proteins and carbohydrates so that you can feed your pet with the knowledge it is getting everything it needs to keep them happy and healthy.

Another problem with hypoallergenic diets is the palatability, our little companions can certainly be quite particular in terms of what they want to eat. We have recognised this at LetzPet and so provide hypoallergenic ranges which they won’t be able to get enough of. Whether it be chicken, salmon, duck or venison LetzPet has the variety to cater for even the fussiest of eaters. You may wonder why should I be feeding my pet varieties such as duck or salmon or venison? The idea behind this is the fact that they are unlikely to have had this before and so less likely to have or develop a sensitivity to it. Simple ideas, simple recipes and the results are quite extraordinary.

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