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LetzPet is a new online startup focused on delivering a true pet health message to pet owners and delivering a quality food product. We are a team of veterinary surgeons dedicated to pet excellence and with a focus on delivering accessible pet advice whenever anyone should want it. The motto at LetzPet is “Health,Expertise,Happiness”.

LetzPet is invested in delivering knowledge to aid pet owners everywhere to achieve a healthy, happy pet for all.

This is the first of our introductory articles on pet health. Topics on nutrition, cancer and many other issues will be covered in the following months and for any concerned pet owner out there you can rest assured that there is constant digital access to the guys at LetzPet. This can be as easy as sending a quick email or facebook message or even organising to have a virtual chat with one of the resident vets.

LetzPet Lifestyle? Is that a thing?

Health and Protein seem to be the name of the game in recent times and in media articles across the country. Our own mind set to eat healthy is stronger than ever before, fewer biscuits but more apples; less TV, more running; fewer pints, more gin and slim; we are trying harder than ever before. But what about our closest friends? Has this affected their health as well?

Food and Nutrition is important and our pets are now at a severe risk when it comes to obesity, with 60% of vets now reporting that this is the single largest health concern among domestic animals. Connected diseases flow from this condition like cardiac and liver problems with diabetes rising by about 800-900% in the last 5 years. It is certainly not out of a lack of love that these problems are arising but potentially too much of it. Our Doggy diets today can include everything and the kitchen sink. From venison treats to pate, our pet’s palates have never tasted finer food.

We now seem to be able to control our own meal portions but not that of our pets. Lack of portion control and continuous feeding is now one of the greatest contributors to the rise of obesity. Do we realise that most feeding guidelines on the side of our packaging are actually designed for dogs who get 2-3 hours of exercise per day? I know my old greying collie doesn’t get that as he gets up from his basket to scowl at the rain outside only to wander back into the warmth. Meal reduction is now one of the most important concepts that we could focus on. We are trying to master it for ourselves so why not our pooches? Even 1 dentastix a day could mean a reduction of up to a third of the daily meal. And who wants to give up dentastix’s because again, my collie is not going to let a tooth brush in there. Even a digestive biscuit could be like us strolling down to the Mcdonalds around the corner and buying a big mac for brunch.

Nutritional awareness is now key if we are to look after our pets and make sure Winston, Dan or Skye last the number of years they should do. If we can cut back the odd biscuit for ourselves, we can lift the dog bowl off the ground every so often. At LetzPet we do have the knowledge and resources to offer any further advice needed and a quality, easily digestible, hypoallergenic product to go along with it.

And as far as things go, we like a gin and slim more than a pint now anyway. Let’s get our pets healthy.

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