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10 Funny Cat Questions People Asked Google

Have you ever had a less-than-intelligent question you are too ashamed to ask someone? Chances are you used Google to answer your question - which is just why the search engine has such a huge database of weird and wonderful of questions asked by users.

We have delved deep into Google’s archives to find 10 questions you won’t believe people searched for about cats. Take a look at these 10 search queries below, although they tell us more about cat owners than they do about cats!

  1. Why are cats scared of cucumbers? (40,500 av. monthly searches)

  • Over 40,000 searches every month make this one of life’s biggest mysteries. Come on science, we want to know!

2. Do cats fart? (9,900 av. monthly searches)

  • Lots of people trying to find the source of the bad smell in the living room.

3. Can cats drink milk? (5,400 av. monthly searches)

  • This begs the question, what have these unfortunate cats been drinking before their owner Googled this? Beer? Orange juice?

4. Do cats really have nine lives? (1,300 av. monthly searches)

  • Someone get animal rescue on the phone.

5. My cat looks like Hitler (1,000 av. monthly searches)

  • Ok, this isn’t a question - but it is way too funny to leave out. Are people worried their cat is Hitler reincarnated in feline form? That would be pretty scary.

6. Do cats blink? (1,000 av. monthly searches)

  • 1,000 people lost staring contests with their cat this month.

7. Why are cats so weird? (480 av. monthly searches)

  • Are cats weird or are humans boring? Think about it.

8. Can cats talk? (390 av. monthly searches)

  • Have you had any good conversations with your cat lately?

9. What is my cat thinking? (210 av. monthly searches)

  • ‘Google Psychic’ hasn’t been released yet.

10. Why does my cat watch me sleep? (90 av. monthly searches)

  • Well that’s just what weird animals do (see q.6)

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