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Healthy Dog Food, Developed by Vets

Welcome to Letzpet. We are a team of veterinary scientists devoted to helping your pets have a long and happy life.

We produce easily digestible food to help your pet develop and stay healthy, providing essential nutrients so your pet can flourish at every stage in life.

At LetzPet we cater for dogs of all ages, including puppy, adult and senior. These foods consist of high quality natural ingredients specific to your pets needs as they grow up.



Natural ingredients




Healthy, balanced dog food



approved by vets

Grain Free Dog Food

Our Grain-free dog food is hypoallergenic with added omega 3. Ideal for dogs with grain intolerance, sensitivity or for owners looking for a higher quality food product.

Meet Winston

Here at LetzPet we know people care and we care about our dog Winston.

Winston is our adorable puppy; he embodies everything that is happy and brilliant about having a pet. 

We want the best for Winston and that is why we want to give him quality in everything we can. 

But the greatest thing? Winston cares for us too. 

He makes everyday at LetzPet so much easier to do what we do and reminds us why we do it.

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Specialist Puppy Food

The puppy development phase is a vital stage in a dog's life. Letzpet have a range of grain-free dry dog food designed specifically for puppies.  

Canva - Short-coated Brown Puppy.jpg

Our Pledge

Our Vets are all proud members of the Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons London.

They are members of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and they are experienced in nutrition, food consultancy and the health management of your pet.

Our vets are also dedicated pet owners.

We have used this expertise to formulate what we think is the best dog food for the health and happiness of our pets.

Featured Products


"We use to feed Diego a very expensive brand of dog food, but his stool was soft and smelled terrible. Since we've been feeding him Letzpet natural dog food the results are impressive. Highly recommended!" 

"I use LetzPet Grain Free with my two dogs and they love it, great quality food. If you are looking for quality, healthy dog food in NI, I would highly recommend Letzpet!"

"I changed to LetzPet Dog Food after chatting with one of the vets. They were very genuine, cared alot and understand good pet food."

Gemma and Roxy,

Appleby, England

Richard, Zac and Holly, Coleraine,

Northern Ireland

Celisse and Diego, Glasgow,  Scotland

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